Packaging Solutions & Cardboard Boxes

High-quality & Sustainable

Heynen GmbH & Co Kartonagenfabrik KG is a modern, medium-sized company for packaging solutions based in Kleve in the Lower Rhine region.


Whether for the food industry, hygiene and cosmetics manufacturers, pet food producers, or suppliers for the automotive industry – we offer a wide range of processing from fine corrugated to solid cardboard and specialize in the production of primary and secondary packaging in different grammages.


In association with the companies of the HZI Group, we offer the advantages of a constant supply of raw materials, a diverse selection of raw materials, as well as a wide range of products and security of supply.

We know about packaging

As a specialist for individual and innovative packaging solutions, we manufacture customized products for you made of solid cardboard with a wide range of refinement options.

Cardboard packaging – an environmentally friendly alternative

We will be happy to advise you on sustainable and ecologically sound packaging alternatives and the selection of materials, for example, to replace plastics in packaging.

We give your product that certain something

We turn your ideas and specifications into the ideal, visually appealing packaging with our ideas and expertise. We show off your goods to their best advantage.

Let us plan, develop and produce the optimal packaging for your goods together!

Modern packaging: Cardboard makes the difference

The need for packaging solutions has increased immensely in the last few years. No matter whether you are active in stationary trade, online trade, as a manufacturer, or intermediate supplier: Reliable cardboard packaging is an essential cornerstone of modern goods cycles.


The increasing use of packaging presents all industries simultaneously with the challenge of finding sustainable solutions. Only in this way can we continue to align trade and industry with high performance in the future. Take a step towards the future with our packaging solutions.


Sustainable and well connected

With Heynen, you rely on sustainable solid cardboard solutions for packaging your goods. We use almost exclusively 100% FSC-certified raw materials. In addition, we continuously reduce the proportion of plastics or use plant-based polymers for films and coatings.


To efficiently combine the high demand and the requirements for sustainability, a network of reliable partners is a decisive advantage. As part of the HZI Group, we are optimally connected and positioned when it comes to packaging solutions. This means we can always guarantee you high availability of cardboard packaging. You too can become part of our big family.

Excellent quality

We are convinced of the quality and sustainability of our products. Our certifications attest to our high standards of customer orientation, performance, environmental awareness, and safety thinking.


Customized and technically innovative packaging, customer-oriented development and implementation, sustainable solutions with many refinement options: Get an impression of our production range.

Packaging for the highest B2B demands

Every industry and every single company has very individual requirements when it comes to the packaging of products. As a B2B company, you are in good hands with us.


We produce customized cardboard boxes entirely according to your ideas for both food and non-food products. You can rely on your future cartons to be both robust and visually appealing, and ideal for today’s logistics.