Product packaging.

Packaging for consumer goods and industrial products is also part of our portfolio. For many years, we have been supplying high standards to the pharmaceutical, hygiene, and cosmetics industries.

But also customers from the automotive industry, household and garden products manufacturers have been loyal to us for many years, which for us equals the very highest award.


Extracts from our product range

Folding bottom box with attached lid
Folding box with tuck-in flaps (longitudinal seam gluing)
4-point glued packaging with foil window
Folding box with opposite tuck-in flaps & foil window
6-point glued packaging with punched out window
Carding packaging
Slipcase for thermoforming tray
4-point erectable box lid and bottom
Carding packaging with tear perforation
Display carton with lid 2-piece
Carrying carton with compartments
Folding box with full coverage flaps and pouring device
Display carton with tear perforation and fingerhole
Bottle carrier (4pcs)
Folding box with tuck-in flaps and punched out window (longitudinal seam)
4-point tray for flowers
Blank arranged as triangular packaging
Display carton with set-up lid
6-point glued packaging
Shipping envelope
Card packaging
Skincard (Flatboard)
Gift packaging

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