Sustainable packaging – an investment in the future.

The demand for sustainable (product) packaging will further increase in the upcoming years. Already now, environmental awareness plays a significant role in many purchasing decisions.

This development is more than just a trend that can provide you with a significant market advantage. By using recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, you are helping to protect our ecosystems.

Cardboard in forefront

Our sustainable packaging solutions are made predominantly of cardboard. Stability, recyclability and promotional properties are just some of the many advantages of this material.

FSC®-certified cardboard

As part of sustainable production and supply chains, we almost exclusively rely on 100% FSC®-certified raw materials, which means that tree stocks are used conscientiously.

Innovation meets packaging

Through continuous and innovative product development, we offer you sustainable packaging systems such as PappZack allowing plastic components to be effectively reduced.

FSC®-certified packaging: a natural part of our sustainable & high-quality packaging

For the manufacturing of our products, we primarily rely on cardboard. In this process, almost exclusively FSC®-certified raw materials are used for our packaging. Through the complementary use of alternative technologies, we continuously manage to reduce the use of plastic elements.


We not only supply you with sustainable cardboard boxes, but also with customized special options for your product range. Learn more about our customizable industry solutions:

PappZack: making food packaging eco-friendly

The increasing amount of plastic waste is an enormous burden on our environment. 73% of fish populations are affected by packaging waste.

That is why we have developed the environmentally safe and easily recyclable packaging PappZack in cooperation with our partners. With regard to the amount of material required, this offers significant advantages over conventional solutions in the area of food packaging, especially for meat products.

  • This packaging can reduce the amount of plastic packaging in the meat trade by up to 70%.
  • Goods are vacuumed directly on a cardboard instead of using plastic trays or similar.
  • Cardboard and foil can be easily disposed of separately from each other.

Importance of ecological packaging: more demanded than ever before

Ecological and sustainable packaging is enjoying increasing esteem among consumers. According to studies, 80% of consumers are also willing to pay a higher price for it. According to surveys, cardboard in particular has an outstanding significance.

Make a valuable contribution to protecting our environment – the planet and your customers will thank you. We would be happy to support you in finding sustainable packaging for your product range.